Carry Water like a Camel: How to store water whilst exercising.

It’s actually a myth that Camels carry water in their humps. Yet they can go a jolly long time without needing to drink because they’re efficient at staying hydrated.

Sad to say we humans aren’t so well equipped. Which is why we need to carry some with us to top up the supplies. Never more so than when exercising. In hot weather this becomes more difficult as we lose much more through sweating.

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To drink or not to drink? – Hydration hints when exercising

Water is important. It makes up 60 percent of your total body weight and carries out many essential functions in your body.

When you exercise, you lose water through your sweat. So you need to put some back in. All straightforward so far.

I’d be the first to admit though that I don’t understand how much I should be drinking when exercising. It seems to be a delicate balance between avoiding the need to take a wee every few minutes and dying of thirst. And it’s one I never seem to quite get right.

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